Rules Regarding Firearm Use


Firearms are rare and expensive.  Most mounts have not been exposed to firearms and so firing firearms can frighten gun-shy mounts.

All firearms are mussel loaders and take 2 rounds to reload.  With the rapid reload feat, that time is reduced to 1 round.

Firearms do not work well in the rain and will fail to fire 50% of the time.  This penalty can be ignored if the user passes a DC 15 firearm skill check.

Firearms during this time do not have rifling which makes them less accurate and reduces the range.


Firearm maintenance must be preformed once a week to keep the firearm in proper firing order.  If regular maintenance is not preformed, for every week that the firearm is used but not maintained, there is an additional 10% chance that the firearm will fail to fire during combat.  Firearm maintenance takes 30 minutes to preform.


Firearm Skill

DC 10 – Preform simple maintenance of a firearm

DC 12 – Use a bullet mold to produce simple bullets

DC 15 – Use a firearm in the rain without suffering any penalties (rolled once per combat encounter)

DC 20 – Overload a firearm to produce a shot so loud that it causes fear.  Fear DC 12 vs Will.

DC 25 – Use the surroundings to confuse your enemies as to the source of your gunfire

DC 30 – Use a bullet mold to produce superior quality bullets +1 attack bonus



Damage 1d8, 19-20/x3

Range 50 ft

Cost 200 GP



Damage 1d12, 19-20/x3

Range 30 ft

Cost 300 GP



Damage 1d10, 19-20/x3

Range 90 ft

Cost 400 GP



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Rules Regarding Firearm Use

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