The World of Zo

Tycho's Log
Caught with my Wand Out

The last weeks have been new, exciting, and terrifying.

After our detail was somehow spared during the Namisian wall massacre, we were naked and confused. The only living man around was a strange beggar who told our fortune and licked my Mark of Skanzi and some odd looters. After outfitting those survivors of the post, we made our way back to town to inform our superiors and relieve the Burden of the Mark.

Whilst on the move, we encountered and foiled a group of ransomers. I used my arcane abilities to distract the brigands with a housefire as the rest of our band moved into the cottage and took it by force. At the time, my use of the arts was not noticed by any but one of our dwaren alchemists. He seems a very bright and reliable individual, if slightly lacking in pleasantries, and I have been able to learn a great deal from him. I persuaded him to keep my secret for the time being.

It was later revealed that there was a secret cellar in the home, and the real ransom was dead, hidden below. His double (who was revealed as a cutpurse and scoundrel) tried to escape during the night and we were forced to retie his bonds and bring him and the corpse back into town with us for our report.

Upon speaking with our commander, we were informed that none had survived the wall, save ourselves. Both sides had experienced losses, and we were tasked with uncovering the source of the dark magic that killed so many at our outpost. We would leave to penetrate the Blue Flag territory at once and discern if they had unleashed a new weapon upon us.

We crossed the wall at an exposed point, and passed into enemy land unseen. After adopting the look and manner of a group of mercenaries, we moved into town and made contact with our Namisian informer at a pub and inn. He directed us to an area where we could listen unseen to a conversation between Blue Flag magistrates.

The non-humans of our party entered a sewer to reach that point, and there, we encountered a group of apparent cultists meeting in a side chamber and were ambushed by them. I was stabbed and barely escaped with my life, but not before we dispatched most of the attackers. My arcane abilities were by now known by all of those with me in the sewers, as I had to call upon every trick I knew in order to cheat death. We then moved to the listening post and found that the Blue Flags were as confused by the attack as Namis.

We emerged from the sewers and rested, joining our contact the next day to relate the news, when we were taken prisoner by a superior force from the local Blue Flag garrison. He did not hang us, but rather entreated us to work for the Blue Flags instead. We agreed that it would serve our interests, and we availed ourselves of their armory. I let on to the commander of the guard that I could use magic, and he agreed to help me in my pursuits. One of their mages was even there, an initiate but still a presence of superior magic. I was awed at his command of the arts and hope that my own training will be as fruitful.

Our true fealty was revealed a few days later when, while on the road to a port town, we encountered a raiding party from the Namis, and we jumped and slaughtered them all. I personally set a large forest fire using the arts and revealed my abilities by sending a magic missile at one of our foes, and another of us was revealed to be a druidic wizard after a second instance of strange undergrowth rose from the ground to ensnare our attackers. I feel relieved that my secret is out, but I fear for my future (and the future of my family) if we are forced to return to Namis and my secret is revealed. I will not imprint another with the Mark as I was imprinted.

For the time, it seems that we are true members of the Blue Flags. I personally feel good about the decision, as none of the racial prejudice exists here that does in Namis. However, we must find a way to dispel the Mark of Skanzi from our beings as we all bear its burden. Also, I cannot abide to leave my family alone in Namis. Especially near the border, they are unsafe, and I fear that repercussions may arise from our desertion once it is discovered. I believe that removing the Mark should be our primary concern, bringing our families to safety number two, and uncovering the means behind this attack are last in my mind. I will express those concerns to the rest of our cadre at once.

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